Columbus Therapy Associates

CTA is an energetic therapy team providing services in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Our team provides comprehensive evaluations as well as individual and small group treatment for children of all ages from early intervention through school-aged. The team tailors its therapy to the individual needs of each client. CTA provides services at its private therapy clinic, clients’ homes, local charter & private schools, and throughout Columbus, Ohio.

Our main goal is to provide quality, comprehensive intervention for our clients and their families, while creating a positive environment to foster learning and independence.

Speech-Language Therapy
CTA’s speech-language therapists use a variety of treatment techniques to help children learn to improve communication abilities. Treatment focuses on building upon the individual’s strengths and skills to promote higher levels of language use and understanding. We pride ourselves on maintaining high levels of continuing education to assure we are current in our profession regarding the continuum of new and innovative treatment strategies.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy is all about developing independence. Our occupational therapy treatments focus on increasing independence, providing support for families and working toward school success. We provide comprehensive assessments and individualized intervention to address a child’s issues and needs.

Our therapists offer treatment for a multitude of diagnoses, disorders and delays.

Our clinic is conveniently located in Grandview Heights near Upper Arlington, Downtown and Marble Cliff areas.  We happily serve Central Ohio.

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